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50% off DISCONTINUED SG rubber & polymer stamps

DISCONTINUED - 50% OFF - Discounts applied at checkout.
THESE ARE THE DEEPEST STAMPS EVER -we use 3 times the amount of beautiful red rubber as is found in ordinary stamps...     



The amazing depth makes ARTAGLIO tm perfect for layered hot-melt embossing techniques, polymer clay impressions, silver-clay (pmc), and reverse/resist stamping.   

PLUS it is now so much easier to get sharper, cleaner impressions on textiles, as the raised rubber profile means the fabric is less likely to absorb excess ink by accidentally imprinting on the stamp recesses.

Loads of funky eclectic designs by LOCAL Scottish artists, each pack is even signed in rubber - please support the amazing work that our Artists do by respecting their copyrights - and always give credit where credit is due!     

All SG stamp designs are copyright-protected and cannot be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. If you are unsure whether your intended use violates our copyrights, please write to copyright@stewartgill.com and we will be pleased to explain our policies. Where possible we may be able to grant you a temporary license with a written statement of permitted uses. WARNING: THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPECT OUR ARTIST'S COPYRIGHTS WILL ALWAYS COME TO A GRIZZLY AND LONELY END.......SO JUST BEHAVE! 

THE BYZANTIA tm -ARTAGLIO STAMPS designed by Kelly Stewart, Pam Borthwick, Mary Stewart & Rebecca Gill copyright 2003 Stewart Gill Ltd & artists.