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Art & Soul retreat, Oregon USA 2006

In October 2006 Rebecca Gill and Paddy Cosgriff (from Paddys' Stamping Place - see 'Store Locator' page) journeyed across the pond to Portland Oregon for this autumns' ART & SOUL retreat. Rebecca writes : " we were so excited as we had heard so much about this event over the last few years - a buzz was building across the artistic community as the week drew nearer - just imagine - a whole week to just create, absorb, and socialise with like-minded women!

The theme for Portland's retreat was "Paris in My Soul", and the logo was very cute and wistful, designed by the talented and well-known artist DJ Pettit (see jar for logo).


The Moulin Rouge Fabric - Just a small part of the 22 foot banner that I painted for the Stewart Gill vendors table. I had lots of help from my 4-year old son Elliot, and Morag Smith who runs the PlayDays at the Creativity Studio. We used hand-painted images from 20th Century french artists in the banner. It was a total blast painting this - we used bucketloads of paint- lots of Colourise, with very sparkly highlights in Gold, Fuchsia and Ocean Galactica. Parisian Twilight - one of the special limited edition colours developed exclusively for Art & Soul 2006 - the chosen colour was named 'MOULIN ROUGE' a gorgeous iridescent metallic & sparkly bright red.


Yes, we love to eat...! everyone enjoyed lots of fun meals - it was such a privelege to have social time with so many cool and talented women - Many many thanks to Glenny and Cindy for looking after us all so well amidst the millions of other things you had to do, you made us feel relaxed and welcome!




We went to ART & SOUL to take place in the Vendor Sale, and introduce SG direct to USA artists. We took (what we thought was) loads and loads of goodies, and special kits of paints and embellishments that we had made up just for ART & SOUL.

BUT we were totally bowled over by the incredible response as we sold out our entire shipment within 3 days. I had to phone my hardworking husband Grant back in Scotland to SEND MORE STUFF! SEND MORE STUFF! Well, the 'stuff' came and SOLD OUT twice over! We had to hold back a secret box of paint as there would have been nothing left for Vendor night...by the end of the week all the SG stock had found itself happy new owners.  WOW! We are so thrilled that you folk loved our products, and understood why we make them for you.                                            


A BIG THANKS goes to Marcia Hale of ART ATTACK Idaho, Pam, and Joanne Carr, for helping out at Vendor night!

We just can't wait until ART & SOUL MAY 2007 in Hampton, Virgina!!! See you all soon, and this time we'll make sure and bring lots more paint and art goodies to go around! Anyone who has special requests should email at least 14 days before the trip so we can bring special stuff over for you! You know, SG stuff, eccentric or hard-to-find British or Scottish stuff etc..."

Cheers from Rebecca and Paddy x x x


We missed our connecting flight back to the UK, as any of you who know Paddy or I.....well! we don't have the greatest amount of Practicality Marbles between us! Anyhow it was a blessing in disguise as we stayed in Chicago with Tim and Ginny, Paddys rellys, and they showed us a breathtaking nature reserve and plenty of old fashioned hospitality. Here's a piccy of Paddy, Tim (paddy's cousin) and me looking happy and rested- obviously not nearly exhausted enough by the whole 'work' trip (!) - Sssshh! don't tell our families how much fun we had...!

........................................................ We even attended a few classes - I did Louise Duhamels Keum Boo Gold foiling class - totally AWESOME!!! and the Glass Fusion by Uruboros Glass which was again superbly exciting. Both classes were a fab mix of the technical, practical & the creative. Paddy did Louise Duhamels Resin & Silver Clay class and produced a stunner of a piece and thoroughly enjoyed herself! What a fantastic opportunity all round.

Thank you Glenny and your whole team of busy helpers once again for a truly terrific event .