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10 ultra-bright jeweltone metallic lustre paints  

The Byzantia range draws                  inspiration from the religious iconography, art & architecture of the Byzantine Empire. 

Byzantia Cloisonne paints are incredibly rich, luscious and intense colours that simulate cloisonne enamels in a water-based formula! So fantastically vibrant and shiny on all your special fabric projects. Try Byzantia also on card, paper, polyshrink, and polymer clays - a little goes a long long way. See the Projects section for FAUX CLOISONNE TECHNIQUE with Filigree Fluid & Embossing Patinas. 

please note : Byzantia Cloisonne paint will be wearing blue foil labels instead of the usual gold foil, while we recycle our remaining labelshades!!!!!It's still the same paint! Another ECO incentive brought to you by SG!

Heatfix with a dry iron. Hand or machine washable to 40 degrees celsius. Dryclean & Tumble Dry.