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 No refunds or replacements on this item.We will choose a selection OF PRODUCTION SECONDS for you subject to availablilty. These items are all perfectly safe and usable, but occur where the batch colour is not quite correct, or the colours have got mixed together in the jar during batch changeover, or the wrong labels have ben put on the jars (then taken off again to avoid confusion!) or we messily splatter paint over the outside during filling, or the jars do not meet our strict quality control for any cosmetic reasons....or the lid might be pitted instead of smooth and glossy....for all these wierd and wonderful reasons we are unable to sell the jars as firsts quality - but the contents are but still perfectly paintable!!!!

The pack contains in general, 6 jars of the 30ml variety. You may also get a composite equivalent of a 6-pack - this means instead of two different 30ml jars you may receive one 60ml or 120ml jar instead, alternatively the 30ml jar may be swapped out for two smaller items like polyglitter or mezze pods, or sachets of dried goodies....the total contents though will be the equivalent of 6 x 30ml jars.

The labels are removed for security reasons to prevent resale of seconds / this means ripped off to at least a partial degree so in some cases you can still identify the type of paint. Having a ripped/removed label does NOT mean the paint has been used before! all the contents of the jars are brand new and untouched!

There are no returns, refunds or exchanges on this item, also we cannot guarantee/predict/promise individual shades or types of contents, so please do not ask us for special favours! If you order more than one we always try to make sure each pack is different, but we cannot guarantee that you will not have any duplicate items across 2 or more kits. We can guarantee that each single pack will  not contain duplicate items. We also try to ensure that the contents are not the same as any full-price items you have ordered at the same time, but again, we cannot guarantee this.

These usually sell out before demand expires so get in quick and Good luck!

Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock, and will be dispatched immediately it becomes available. The rest of your order will be dispatched as standard, and you will be kept informed as to the status of your remaining item(s).

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