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ARTIST OF THE MONTH february Becca Balazs, Dorset UK



"loved-up baby valentine" quilt

Becca has created this frothy girly quilt confection from layers of hand-painted sheer organzas, nylons, sparkley fabrics and Glitterati Fusible Fibres. The hearts have been hand-painted, stamped with Metamica gold spots. The feather design is our Modular Quilters Stencil "Feather Assortment", which Becca has stencilled with Alchemy and Galactica paints for a shimmery sparkle effect. Machine stitching embellishes the edges of the quilts, and the freeform quilted areas.  A perfect little expression of love for your 'baby' this Valentines!

Becca Balazs lives in Dorset, UK, next to the lovely beach with hubby 'O' and 2 little gorgeous boys. She runs a quilt store 'Becca's Quilting Emporium' full of lovely stitchery stuff, and friendly faces! Do visit Becca's Quilting Emporium if you are near Dorset, as you can book onto one of Becca's regular and varied textile workshops - there are lots of interesting topics to choose from.

see Becca's website: www.beccasquiltemporium.com

or email: beccabalazs@yahoo.co.uk for any advice or techniques on this project.

project submission is copyright 2006 Becca Balazs. photographs & stencil designs are copyright 2006 Rebecca Gill & Stewart Gill Ltd

 so who's in the ideas gallery?

Just have a squizz at some of the fantastic creations made by artists from far-flung corners of the globe! We have been priveleged to receive many lovely photos of artwork from SG afficianados over the last wee while, so here's a showcase for all the talent! We will be adding new images to the Gallery every month, so there will always be something new and glorious! Who knows - you may even be the latest and greatest!

Successful submissions each receive a £5.00 SG online voucher. Each month we will also choose ONE lucky winner to be our ARTIST OF THE MONTH -receiving a £25.00 SG voucher, and your artwork will feature here. Would you like to share your artwork with all of us, and participate in the chance to win SG vouchers and to have your artwork displayed on the gallery pages? See bottom of page for details.

Keep popping back to see what's new...

We regret we are unable to offer step-by-step instructions on any of the Gallery artwork -these pages are intended to showcase and celebrate the diversity of artistic talent. Please remember to credit the Artists' ideas if you include them in a future personal project of your own - if in doubt - it is always best to ask permission first. We are very happy to forward any requests or comments you have on to the artists for you.  Previous images will be stored in an archive folder for you to view and appreciate after they are no longer the Newest of the New. 

Rewards for getting your Artwork published in magazines & books. . . 

If any of your lovely artwork using Stewart Gill TM products is accepted for publication into magazines, books, periodiicals, commercially available videos, DVD's etc (digital forums, self-publishing, online chatrooms and blogs etc not included) then we will give you SG goodies of your choice to the value of £50 per article or inclusion (only one reward per article). Postage of goodies not included, will be despatched at cheapest postal rate, or method chosen by SG LTD. To qualify for your reward you must send us a hard copy of the publication that includes your artwork, and the supplier name www.stewartgill.com or "stewart gill" must be identified in the text as the product brand and/or supplier. We'd be even happier if you tell everyone the actual paints and colours used in your text to help the readers!

media@stewartgill.com Remember to include your full contact details, a brief description of the publication, issue and date. All work published must be the full original work of the submitting artist. Be sure to credit any sources/artists/stamp designs used in your piece. Stewart Gill Ltd reserve the right to accept or decline all proposals for publication rewards, and there is no guarantee of endorsement by SG for the artist or publication.

Submission Guidelines for sending your Artwork to our Gallery  . . .  

Simply submit a digital photo (300 dpi. in a jpg, tif, bmp, psd, or gif file -no larger than 5 x 4 inches) to: gallerysubmissions@stewartgill.com Remember to include your full contact details, a brief description of the technique used, and the title. All work submitted must be the full original work of the sumitting artist. Be sure to credit any sources/artists/stamp designs used in your piece. Stewart Gill Ltd reserve the right to adjudicate all submissions, and there is no guarantee of acceptance or display.

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