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SG paints


Stencilled velvets using Byzantia & Galactica paints copyright Fiona Kelly & Rebecca Gill 2004. 


All SG paints are extremely versatile for multiple techniques across multimedia surfaces. 

Check out the amazing properties:                            

  • Thick consistency for multiple techniques you can print, stamp, stencil, handpaint and achieve fine-line definition straight from the jar with no need for additives or mediums.
  • Multiple Surfaces for Multimedia Artists consistent results across all porous surfaces.
  • Fully Intermixable between SG brands layer your colours and finshes effortlessly as all products are compatible.
  • Water-based; dilute with water 3:1 for blends. Easy clean-up with water.
  • Non-toxic, EN71 compliant & safe for childrens' products and usage.
  • Very soft surface handle allows fabrics to stay supple and stitchable.
  • Tough-shine performance our metallic & glittery paints are pick-resistant and do not tarnish or melt with direct-to-surface heat.
  • True-colour from jar to art -the best Italian pigments ensure maximum UV ratings, wash permanence and rich vibrant true-to-jar colour. 
  • Anti-Bleed Formula colour stays put exactly where you want it, even on synthetics. No gutta outliners needed and you have greater artistic control. 
  • Easy Heat-fix wuth a dry iron, multimedia artists can layer multiple SG paints with no need to fix between layers.
  • Acid-free Archival quality exceptional colour & image durability.