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SG special effects & embellishments



These eclectic and unsual 3D mixes will add unusual surface interest and texture to your artwork.

You can use the Special Effect Byzantia products on textiles, papercrafts, costumes & jewellery.

The Special Effect products are all 'dry' ie NOT liquids. You need to use something wet (like paint or glue) to adhere them to the artwork. 

Layer the Fresco Flakes with paints & gel mediums to achieve stunning delapidated wall-effects, or raised texture with metamica.

Use the Bijoux Blends (DISCONTINUED RANGE - ONLY A FEW SHADES LEFT) with strong glues for sparkley encrusted surfaces, or encase in resins for pure glamour.

Add the Gilding Chips to any textile or papercraft project where maximum METALLIC BLING is required.                                      

See the PROJECTS SECTION for additional ideas and pictures.

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