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Shrink Plastic ideas with Stewart Gill paints & powders







Woven Shrink Plastic
translucent PolyShrink with Colourise tm background, Crafters Black Inkpad stamping with SG Artaglio tm rubberstamps. Woven when dry, then painted with Byzantia paint as highlights. Then heated to shrink, and metallic embossing powders sprinkled over whilst plastic still hot.

Miniature DollyGirl Name Brooch
White PolyShrink tm stamped with Crafters Ink for dolls face, hands, and feet. Colourise used to paint in the design, then cut out and hole-punched prior to heat-shrinking. Dress made from machine-embroidered fabric offcuts embellished with Glitterati fibres, and decorative yarn for hair.

Flat Shrink Plastic
white PolyShrink tm with Colourise tm background. Then shrunk and glitter applied over molten embossing powder scratched designs on surface. 
RG, 2003 made by Morag Smith copyright 2006 RG, 2003