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SPATULA-STENCILLING with Galactica Glitter paint

Spatula Galactica Technique 

intricate results can be achieved effortlessly to create luxurious glittered surfaces.

(project technique copyright Rebecca Gill 1998).                                                                                                                                                               

Leopard Skin Stencil - Galactica Ocean, Fuchsia & Lavender applied with an even coat of blended shades. Swirl Frieze stencil - Galactica Stratosphere & Light Gold applied very sparingly through stencil over a base of Colurise paint. Galactica applied through hand-made 'stencils' of ripped masking tape. Colours: Fuchsia, Chrome Silver, and Sapphire.

You will need: 

  • a modular system stencil
  • a flexible kitchen spatula
  • 2-3 colours of Galactica tm glitter paint
  • repositionable spray adhesive (eg 3M spraymount)

Step 1

Apply Galactica

Spray a light coating of Spraymount adhesive onto the reverse of the stencil. Press the stencil glue-side down onto the fabric and pat gently into place. Use the kitchen spatula to 'press' or 'wipe' the Galactica paint through the stencil  - the spatula should be held at a low, shallow angle to simulate a screenprinting squeegee technique.                                       

Step 2 Remove excess paint
By raising the spatula to a more upright angle, you can scrape off the excess paint and return to the jar. If the spatula is too straight-up, or the pressure is too hard, then you will scrape off all the paint, so adjust the angle and pressure to suit the look you are after.
Step 3 Remove the stencil
Carefully peel off the stencil as soon as you have finished applying paint. Place in a flat tray and soak in warm water to remove paint.
Step 4 Correct any mistakes
If you have any seepage, bleeding, or smudged mistakes - don't panic! Keep a knife, or tweezers handy and remove the paint immediately by scraping off with the sharp implement. Be careful not to damage the fabric surface. Allow paint to dry naturally for several hours (preferably overnight) before heatfixing and washing.

Products used with this technique...

Galactica textile & multimedia glitter paint  Modular System Stencils