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step-by-step instructions chart for Shrink Plastic

step 1   

Always sand                    

Shrink plastic must be sanded on both sides with a sanding block prior to applying paints or inks.     

step 2

Apply thinly

Paints and inks must be applied extremely sparingly. You can use a brush to paint directly on, or a Colorbox Stylus Tool to apply the paints evenly to rubber stamps. Apply all layers thinly to avoid extreme colour or paint build up after shrinkage.

step 3

Layer 1

If a design is multi-layered, I tend to use the Colourise applied all over or in a large loose undefined pattern as the background. This gives the basic colour to the pieces. Make sure you colour the sides and the back.                                                                                 

step 4

Layer 2

Choose an iridescent paint like Pearlise tm or Alchemy tm for the next layer. You can handpaint or stamp.
step 5 Layer 3

Choose a metallic paint like MetaMica tm or Byzantia tm for the next layer. You can handpaint or stamp more detailed highlights.

step 6 Dry thoroughly Allow to dry before cutting into shape. If your painted surface is not touch dry within 5 minutes, place the shrink piece face down onto a handy towel / serviette and gently press to remove excess paint.
step 7 Cut or punch to size Use scissors or punches to cut the plastic into shape. Punch holes with a standard size hole punch for jewellery holes or sewing holes.
step 8 Heat-shrink Shrink with the craft heat tool as per the manufacturers instructions.
step 9 Layer 4 When it has cooled down you can apply Black Label Embossing Powders for colour detail, or for gilding the edges. Use SG Alchemy or Pearlise to attach the powder prior to embossing.

step 10

Layer 5

Additionally you can use clear embossing powder to make an allover gloss layer, and sprinkle in glitter, fresco flakes, gilding chips, or tiny beads while the powder is still molten. Multiple layers of Ultrafine or Ultragloss powder make it easier to adhere thicker chunkier inclusions.