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Velocity Air-Fix Speed Serum 10ml

Velocity Serum is a WONDER PRODUCT - we wonder how we ever managed without it!!! Add a tiny microdot per teaspoon of SG paint and mix well - the paint will now air-fix upon drying and you do no tneed to heat fix your fabrics. Once dry, allow a minimum of 24 hours beforer washing, results are permanent. Brilliant for large pieces of cloth, hard to fix items like sewn-up garments adn pre-quilted items.
Warning: Velocity is a super-concentrated product - do not exceed the mixing recommendations as it will cause the paint to prematurely fix before it attaches to the fabric.
Dispose of all mixed paint that has not been applied within 4 hours, and only mix what is necessary to paint with for each session, as paint will airfix on the palette.


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